A $500 deposit gets the process of designing YOUR handcrafted guitar started!


  • Would you absolutely cherish an American-made, handcrafted electric guitar in 2015?
  • Would you appreciate payment flexibility?
  • Would you like to be involved throughout the building process?
  • Would you be interested in an interest-free payment option?


“5 x 5” Pay-As-You-Go Interest Free Payment Plan

How it works:

  • A $500 deposit confirms your order ($300 non-refundable), we finalize any customizations/design options you’d like, and determine the total price (typically between $2,195 and $3,495, depending on options).
  • The remainder of the balance may be paid in 20% increments as the instrument is completed. For example, you’d make a payment AFTER each of the following stages:
  • 1) body/top/neck glue-ups,
  • 2) body/neck shaping & inlay,
  • 3) setting neck in body/pickup routing,
  • 4) final sanding/shaping/finishing,
  • 5) instrument complete/final setup/ready to ship!
  • Frequent progress updates and photos will be provided throughout the construction process via email, text, and Facebook communications. We want you to be involved in the building process! No surprises…no guesses…we want you to be totally satisfied.
  • Deposits and interest free payments may be made safely and securely online via PayPal.


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Due to the time-consuming nature of crafting handmade instruments, there are a very limited number of guitars we can produce each year!
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