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Design Features & Customizations


Nice & Friendly!

Trees aren’t square; your guitar shouldn’t be either. Our guitars feature partial and fully rounded edges for both comfort and beauty. If you’re looking for a Klingon battle axe, B.C. Rich has had you covered since the 1980s.

Premium Electronics

Premium Electronics

We include only the finest electronic components from manufacturers such as Arcane-Inc., Kent Armstrong, Bartolini, Seymour-Duncan, and L.R. Baggs’ Piezo bridge pickup systems for the ultimate in tonal versatility.


Standard & Multi-Scale

Our available Multi-Scale model is based on incorporating two different scale lengths between the highest and lowest strings. The frets are then “fanned” to even the tone and tension of each string (and they look & feel AWESOME!).


Active, Passive, & Piezo (Oh, my!)

Whether you prefer the tone of straight-up magnetic pickups, the added features of active electronics, or the super-versatile piezo pickup systems, we’ve got you covered!

Body Sculpting

Comfortable Body Sculpting

At AEG, we believe that the comfort and beauty of our instruments are inextricably entwined. Our guitars look, perform, and FEEL amazing to play for hours on end.


Solid-Body Construction

Our instruments feature solid-body construction using both traditional tone woods and ‘American Exotics’ such as Osage Orange, Acacia Koa, Black Walnut, Honey Locust, Sassafras, and Persimmon.

Jumbo Frets

Premium Jumbo Frets

We only use the highest quality 18% nickel-silver “jumbo” fretwire. This is the same fretwire used by many modern manufacturers and will allow for more fret dressings before refretting is necessary.

Rear Jack

Atypical Jack Placement

Our various jack placement locations offer guitar players more options and flexibility. If standard jacks are still your thing, we can certainly accommodate your preferences.

Set Necks

Set-Neck Joinery

Our set-neck joinery provides a tight coupling between the resonant tone woods’ ability to transfer vibrational energy and the overall warmth and sustain of the notes played.