Cliff Y. Review


December 2019

It’s been six months since I purchased my American Exotic DC-Multi and I couldn’t be more pleased with this wonderful instrument. I must admit what grabbed my attention initially was the stunning redwood and walnut body. The Ebony fretboard on the walnut neck is equally stunning. Since my early infatuation, a deep appreciation has grown for the guitar’s true beauty: rich tones and the feel of true craftsmanship in my hands every time I play. The walnut/redwood resonates deep and distinct in both clean and pushed tones. Sidebar, I’m playing my guitar through a Tone King Imperial Mark II. No pedals, no simulators, no hype. Just a great guitar though a great amp. As I was saying, the sustain and clarity of the guitar is inspiring - and just as you state in your description, tuning to a low D with your Multi-Scale brings no looseness to low E. Alternate tuning has become an unexpected favorite of owning this instrument. The Arcane humbuckers combined with the tapping pots provide a myriad tonal options. While no guitar does everything, this one certainly gives enough tones to keep me happy regardless of my music preference.


Jason, thanks for making an excellent and fairly priced “custom” guitar. I love it, as you can tell, and would recommend American Exotic to others who desire a one of a kind instrument to make sweet music!


Clifford Y.